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Michiel Borstlap - SOLO 2010 (CD & DVD)

Michiel Borstlap - SOLO 2010 (CD & DVD)

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It’s safe to say that Michiel Borstlap (The Hague, 1966) has become one of the most reputable jazz pianists of Europe. His achievements are so numerous that it’s hopeless to make an enumeration. An anthology: eighteen albums (Eldorado en Solo 2010) and he even moved outside the city to study undisturbed on a daily basis, to make sure his fingers will do what he want them to. His secret? He makes music for the head, the heart and the abdomen! SOLO 2010 reached #20 in the dutch album top 100.

Michiel Borstlap piano


1 Moscow

2 Crazy Love

3 Bluesyl

4 My Dear

5 Bengt

6 You're Wanted

7 Destin Fabuleux

8 Haiku

9 Yokohama

10 Cherish Your Sunshine

11 Fughetta

12 Four in One

13 Clear Water

14 This Can't Be You 15 Adieu!

Recorded 2010 at GP Music Studio
Recording engineer Tijmen Zinkhaan & Michiel Borstlap
Produced by Michiel Borstlap
Total Time 68:10

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