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Michiel Borstlap - Blue (Songs From Father To Daughter) (audio cd)

Michiel Borstlap - Blue (Songs From Father To Daughter) (audio cd)

€ 9,99

Speaking of this 2011 album Borstlap says: “It is a collection of songs dedicated to our newborn daughter Blue. But unlike my previous albums, it doesn’t belong to a time in the past. It speaks about me as I am now, my life, the things around me'. Blue (Songs from Father to Daughter) features Michiel Borstlap solo piano. There is a general sense of light in the album that you can feel over the entire recording. The sound of the piano is very pure and warm, with a melodic tenderness that shines through the whole album, like a voice, mesmerizing. The solo piano pieces are all very melodic, and have the quintessence of a song (Summer Child, Closer To You, Five Notes One Love, Levantine, Lullaby, Bonnie & Clyde, and ofcourse the title track Blue), others have strong, energetic, harmonic and jazzy structures (Bla Bla Blu & Oya’s Blues), and there are also improvised pieces (Luna Rossa & Blue Birds).

Michiel Borstlap piano


1 Summer Child

2 Close to You

3 Five Notes, One Love

4 Levantine

5 Blue

6 Bla Bla Blu

7 Luna Rossa

8 Bonnie & Clyde

9 Blue Birds

10 Oya's Blues

11 Lullaby

Recorded 2011 at GP Music Studio and the Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam

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